Travel Demand Management

Survey consists of information and opinions from 26 transportation professionals at Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and primarily concerns Travel Demand Management (TDM). Topics/questions include:

  • Is your MPO actively involved in funding, studying, or implementing TDM activities?
  • Which TDM activities (funding/studying/implementing) is your MPO involved in?
  • How has the level of activity/funding to promote TDM changed in your metropolitan area over the past five years?
  • How do you view the present level of funding that is available for TDM activities in your metropolitan areas?
  • What type of TDM program has been most successful in your metropolitan area in the past five years?
  • Approximately how much funding is devoted to TDM programs in your metropolitan area this fiscal year?
  • Which agency/organization is presently most active in promoting and/or funding and implementing TDM programs in your metropolitan area?
  • What are the main sources for funding TDM programs in your area?
  • Which type of TDM program holds the most promise for reducing single occupant vehicle trips in the future?
  • How many Transportation Management Associations are located in your metropolitan area?
  • Overall, how successful do you think Transportation Management Associations have been in your area over the past five years in reducing single occupant vehicle (SOV) commuting in the area in which they are active?
  • Which agency in your metropolitan area has been most successful in reducing SOV commuting?
  • How did this agency achieve this success and what reduction was achieved?


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