Parking Pay Stations

Survey consists of data from eight cities containing parking pay stations. Topics/questions include:

  • How many pay stations are installed and/or will be installed in your city?
  • What type of system is used: “pay and display” or “pay by space” or specify another system.
  • What is the total cost for the parking pay stations and their installation? Please also specify what year the costs were incurred and if the cost specified in your answer is for the installation year dollars or today’s dollars.
  • What is the annual operating cost for your pay stations? (Where applicable also specify the personnel hours involved per year if not included in your dollar amount. Assume one full time person works 2,000 hours per year).
  • What is the expected lifetime of your pay stations?
  • How many parking spaces are served by each of your pay stations?
  • When were most of your parking pay stations installed? Please specify year.
  • What is the type of application? (e.g. replace single space meters or the conversion of free limited-time parking to paid parking, or specify something else).
  • What payment options are offered by your pay stations?
  • Can your pay station be paid remotely by cell phone?
  • Is your pay station powered by solar energy?
  • Does your pay station contain two-way wireless communication? If so, what are the advantages?
  • If your pay stations replaces single space meters, did your agency experience an increase in revenue after the installation of your pay stations?
  • What do you consider to be the main advantages of your pay stations?
  • What do you consider to be the main disadvantages of your pay stations?
  • What advice would you give to those cities contemplating the installation of pay stations?


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