About the Urban Transportation Monitor

For 32 years, the Urban Transportation Monitor has been the trusted source for urban transportation (traffic engineering, transportation planning, and transit) news. The Urban Transportation Monitor delivers concise, accurate, inside information and hard facts and figures on significant trends, emerging technologies, new developments, and research across the industry.

Thousands of transportation professionals from private and public sectors across the U.S. use The Monitor as their primary source of urban transportation information. Objective, accurate and reliable, The Monitor delivers the facts, figures, analysis, and insight into the latest trends and developments in the transportation industry.

Original reporting on trends and changes within the transportation industry. The Urban Transportation Monitor is the source for up-to-the-minute analysis of the attitudes and opinions of those who confront the complexities of urban transportation on a daily basis. We track the very latest developments and keep you posted in concise, accurate, and authoritative articles and survey results by hundreds of sources. Every issue contains the results of at least two surveys, providing the very latest technical trends, developments, opportunities, and products in traffic engineering, transportation planning and transit in the U.S.

The Urban Transportation Monitor is the only publication that delivers a broad overview of trends in the industry as a whole. By an insider, for insiders.

The editor of The Urban Transportation Monitor is Dr. Daniel B. Rathbone, Ph.D., P.E. Dr. Rathbone has 44 years of experience in transportation planning, transit, and traffic engineering. 

Here is what some of your colleagues say about
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“The Urban Transportation Monitor is extremely informative and timely. It helps one follow current events at a professional level with a depth of factual information.”
Vukan R. Vuchic, Professor of Transportation Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

“The UTM provides information not found in other publications. You seem to have unique sources of information.”
Nazir Lalani P.E., FITE, Deputy Director, Transportation Department, Ventura County, CA

“Good concise articles, information that matters, no fluff.”
Brian Gibson, Transportation Analyst, Fargo-Moorhead COG

“Technical soundness, rational information, clear and concise writing, synopsis of and links to useful reports.”
Richard Enty, Planning Team Leader, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

“It is short and easy to read. My larger publications sit for months before being read.”
Beth De Angelo, Assistant Vice President, Parsons Brinckerhoff

“I like the material selected, the good clear writing — concise but not superficial.”
Dave Davis, Traffic Engineer, City of Farmers Branch

“Our most informative source. Very current.”
James R. Robinson, Director of ITS Programs, Virginia DOT

“Excellent value for money. Up-to-the-minute...insightful...especially useful for consultants looking for RFPs and new project leads.”
Thomas Higgins, Vice President, K.T. Analytics, Oakland, CA

“Very informative, especially coverage of new technology in the transportation field. We find the survey results very useful.”
Ernest G. Athanailos, Director of ITS, New York City DOT